Last Fourth of July night, as the fireworks were booming outside in the neighborhood, we heard the scamper of little feet across our attic. I took a spotlight, peeked into the attic and spotted a very large field mouse running through the rafters. I quickly remembered our teacher discussing how she had a problem during a wildfire episode near her home with a snake. She recalled his name as being Mr. Snakey and he really wanted to come inside through the opening under her living room doors. Although she wasn’t too wild about snakes she was able to communicate with him and told him snakes weren’t allowed in the house. She did however give him some ideas and options for safe locations to hide.

Using this same concept I told our mouse visitor that he just wasn’t allowed to live in our attic. He said that he had nowhere to go and was very scared by the noises outside. I explained the noises were just for that night and he would have to go by the next day.  We were really surprised to find no scurrying feet across the ceiling the very next day. You can’t get a better and more natural pest control than animal communication! Check our web site at for testimonials and more info about animal communication and the benefits of Reiki healing.