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Do animals grieve?

They sure do. Just like every other aspect of conscious thought (scientifically verified) they also grieve for each other and their human family members.

Yahoo! News – 9-14-12 Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years


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Funny animal communication confirmation, a client left food outside for her cats, 2 days later it was peed on. I did a session w/ her 2 cats who told me it was s b/w cat invading the neighborhood they called” Fat Ass Jack” So she set up a nite time camera, 1st nite she got pix of Fat Ass Jack!

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A very dedicated man named Burt who’s life totally revolved around helping cats in need recently passed away very suddenly. After giving so much of his life to helping other’s cats, his three beautiful orange tabbies are now in need of a loving home. I can personally testify to just how wonderful these three cats, two males and one female (all fixed) really are.  They’ll love you head to toe more than three times. They are smart, caring an full of funny senses of humor, and all three care about each other so much. They  need to be kept together in the same home. I have great photos and info available. Please let us know if you can help.

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