Dressing up your pets for Halloween costume contests, or just for fun at home can be some of the most fun the whole season has in store. Obvious precautions must be taken. Outside of that Halloween can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for your pets.

Pets running out the door as you answer the numerous trick or treaters is one danger. Dogs and cats getting into chocolate treats, which is absolutely lethal to them is yet another. Curious pets around a candle flame inside a lit jack-o-latern can lead to terrible burns. Your pet snatched from the back yard, or even caught running through the neighborhood the day before as the target for  prank, not to mention those who perform rituals this time of year doesn’t need to happen. Pets disappear and end up in trouble at Halloween more during Halloween than any other holiday. Protect yours by keeping them inside, and even better, keep them in a locked safe room especially during trick-or-trick times.

If your pet gets scared or nervous when the door bell rings, I  suggest an animal communication session with Thom and Jonquil. We can help explain to your pet how they can remain safe, reduce their worries and find exercises for them and you the pet parent to relive their fears.

We can help with numerous other behavior issues too, we’ve had client see immediate changes.

We can help you have a happy and safe holiday.