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The “Catz” Fund and Adoption Plea in memory of Burt L. Bershon
for three of the most loving orange tabby cats ever…

Eight months and 1300 miles away a dog was returned thanks to the embedded micro chip

As animal communicators we can also help in the search for missing pets, read more here:

A very dedicated man named Burt who’s life totally revolved around helping cats in need recently passed away very suddenly. After giving so much of his life to helping other’s cats, his three beautiful orange tabbies are now in need of a loving home. I can personally testify to just how wonderful these three cats, two males and one female (all fixed) really are.  They’ll love you head to toe more than three times. They are smart, caring an full of funny senses of humor, and all three care about each other so much. They  need to be kept together in the same home. I have great photos and info available. Please let us know if you can help.

As animal communicators we use “confirmations” from the pet parent to know that we are doing a good communication. A funny example was when one dog in a large pet family of four dogs (all related) was complain that he couldn’t find his favorite toy and it was driving him crazy. As he was complaining about this to me, I could hear the other three dogs snickering and laughing in the background. He described the toy in great detail, and he even transferred a picture to me. When I told this information as part of the session details to his pet parent, she of course laughed out loud and confirmed that she had to hide this very toy from the other pups because they would chew it to pieces in a matter of seconds. As a great pet parent she was going to find a way for him to have some private play time with his favorite toy 🙂

At Animal Healings our Communication sessions start at 15 minutes and can go as long as 90 minutes per session depending on how many pets, topics and issues you wish to cover in one session. Skeptical or just wondering how the whole process works? Try just 15 minutes with us to see what it’s like to help a pet in need or just tell them how much you love them, it will amaze you!