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Dressing up your pets for Halloween costume contests, or just for fun at home can be some of the most fun the whole season has in store. Obvious precautions must be taken. Outside of that Halloween can be one of the most dangerous times of the year for your pets.

Pets running out the door as you answer the numerous trick or treaters is one danger. Dogs and cats getting into chocolate treats, which is absolutely lethal to them is yet another. Curious pets around a candle flame inside a lit jack-o-latern can lead to terrible burns. Your pet snatched from the back yard, or even caught running through the neighborhood the day before as the target for  prank, not to mention those who perform rituals this time of year doesn’t need to happen. Pets disappear and end up in trouble at Halloween more during Halloween than any other holiday. Protect yours by keeping them inside, and even better, keep them in a locked safe room especially during trick-or-trick times.

If your pet gets scared or nervous when the door bell rings, I  suggest an animal communication session with Thom and Jonquil. We can help explain to your pet how they can remain safe, reduce their worries and find exercises for them and you the pet parent to relive their fears.

We can help with numerous other behavior issues too, we’ve had client see immediate changes.

We can help you have a happy and safe holiday.

Last Fourth of July night, as the fireworks were booming outside in the neighborhood, we heard the scamper of little feet across our attic. I took a spotlight, peeked into the attic and spotted a very large field mouse running through the rafters. I quickly remembered our teacher discussing how she had a problem during a wildfire episode near her home with a snake. She recalled his name as being Mr. Snakey and he really wanted to come inside through the opening under her living room doors. Although she wasn’t too wild about snakes she was able to communicate with him and told him snakes weren’t allowed in the house. She did however give him some ideas and options for safe locations to hide.

Using this same concept I told our mouse visitor that he just wasn’t allowed to live in our attic. He said that he had nowhere to go and was very scared by the noises outside. I explained the noises were just for that night and he would have to go by the next day.  We were really surprised to find no scurrying feet across the ceiling the very next day. You can’t get a better and more natural pest control than animal communication! Check our web site at for testimonials and more info about animal communication and the benefits of Reiki healing.

We’ll be @ Celebration of Pets 2011

We’ll have a booth at the Celebration of Pets 2011 Sarasota Fair Grounds with products, prizes and more. Mark your calendar now, February 26, 2011. Look for us next to the Cat Depot booth! It will be a great day of fun for all!

Thom Williams, one of the first men to practice animal communication and Reiki healing for animals professionally is announcing a new partnership. His wife Jonquil is joining Animal Healings, to become the only husband and wife team performing intuitive healing arts for any species.

“Animals, like humans, may resonate better with male or female energy when dealing with difficult issues and they can easily accommodate either preference” said customer Karen Davidian.  Through animal communication they connect with your animal companion to help resolve issues, acting as translator, facilitator, and negotiator. They relay information and messages between you and your pet, encompassing behavior, family issues, illnesses, pain, end of life, grieving, and help finding lost pets.

Using Reiki energy healing, Jonquil and Thom can reduce stress and induce relaxation in animals, promoting a sense of well being. As skilled Reiki practitioners, they perform distance healings and as a couple offer more powerful double Reiki. Reiki combined with animal communication are extremely powerful healing tools. “Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for animals and their humans,” said Thom Williams. “We can collaborate with veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, and even animal welfare societies.”

The Williams trained under Teresa Wagner, nationally recognized animal communication teacher. They have International Reiki Center certificates, with a combined 20 years experience. Sessions are available by email or telephone; they offer service in Sarasota and anywhere in the world.

Contact Thom and Jonquil at, 941-321-8484,,

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You can get in touch with your past beloved pets to help deal with unresolved grief issues, or to simply know how they are doing, or if they wish to come back with you (reincarnation) by scheduling a session with Thom or Jonquil of Find out more about how animal communication can help with grief and helping unresolved feelings at our page

One person asked that if they hadn’t thought or remembered of their pet recently who had passed away many years ago, does that make the pet (in spirit) feel neglected or forgotten? In response he replied with such love and wisdom, “Not at all, any time you think of me it is like the strumming of a musical instrument like a guitar string. The vibration of that memory rings throughout the Universe and I feel it. It doesn’t matter when or how often, I know you still care and still love me, as I do you.

Brand new site address ( and a new partnership! My wife has joined the business to make us the only couple offering animal communication and Reiki healing, giving you a choice and more powerful healing options. See our press release for more info about this new healing force to help all our animal friends and all the good people that love them so much!