Animal Communication and Reiki for animals

Thom Williams, one of the few men to practice animal communication and Reiki healing for animals professionally has proudly brought his wife Jonquil Williams into the Animal Healings practice to make them the only husband and wife team performing intuitive healing arts for any and all species.

“Animals, like humans, may resonate better with male or female energy when dealing with difficult issues and they can easily accommodate either preference” said customer Karen Davidian. Through animal communication they connect with your animal companion to help resolve issues, acting as translator, facilitator, and negotiator. They relay information and messages between you and your pet, encompassing behavior, family issues, illnesses, pain, end of life, grieving, and help finding lost pets.

Using Reiki energy healing, Jonquil and Thom can reduce stress and induce relaxation in animals, promoting a sense of well being. As skilled Reiki practitioners, they perform distance healings and as a couple offer more powerful double Reiki. Reiki combined with animal communication are extremely powerful healing tools. “Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for animals and their humans,” said Thom Williams. “We can collaborate with veterinarians, behaviorists, trainers, and even animal welfare societies.”
Animal Healings abides by strict guidelines of the animal communication code of ethics, known as the Interspecies code of ethics written by Penelope Smith, as well as the Reiki Practioner’s code of ethics as adopted by the International Reiki Center, Our ethics and training are the cornerstone of our business and the standards that set us apart.
The Williams trained under Teresa Wagner, nationally recognized animal communication teacher. They have International Reiki Center certificates, with a combined 20 years experience. Sessions are available by email or telephone; they offer service in Sarasota and anywhere in the world.

.Learn more about Thom Williams and the intutive arts he grew up with all through childhood, his family that encouraged and nourched the creative and intutive arts, along with the many intersting pets that have taught him all the skills he utilizes today and is still learning more about each and every day.

Find out more about the lovely Jonquil Williams, creative jewlery designer, actress, business woman, and the path that has led her into the intutive healings arts for all animals.

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