When you find a stray or wandering pet, always remember a family has probably lost that precious little one and their hearts are breaking. Although some people may set their pets free instead of taking them to a shelter, there are other numerous reasons why pets become missing/lost. They may have been scared away from their yard, panicked during transit , or even taken by a stranger with the wrong intentions. When you find a stray, don’t get too attached right away. If the pet has no collar it may still have a micro-chip ID under its skin. Take it to your vet, animal shelter, or pet store where they will be able to use a chip reader to ID the pet. Many people use lost pet services on the web (similar to Amber alert systems), see our lost pet list online.

Before your pet becomes lost, get them micro-chipped along with a non-snagable collar and an up-to-date info tag. Make a kit with recent photos, information for a poster, and bookmark web sites that help locate pets.

If your petbecomes lost, animal communicators are a great resource to help locate them. As Animal Communicators we use a variety of communication professional techniques and tools (including high tech and traditional mapping, and Reiki infused crystals) to help locate your lost pet as quickly as possible. We know time is of essence, both for you and your pet. It can sometimes be very difficult to locate them telepathically since they can be missing for a number of (initially) unknown reasons and they may be scared and confused, with no clue where they are.. Animal communicators can also find out how they are doing and reassure your pet that you are looking for them. The animal can sometimes offer clues to their locations through images, sounds, even smells that they are experiencing. The information they provide can help us narrow the search area for you, or sometimes even pinpoint the location. The communicator can help try to keep the animal calm and safe in their location until help arrives.

For more tips or help finding your pet, visit our web site at AnimalHealings.com/lost.html .
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