We humans tend to think of our pets’ emotional maturity and intelligence level as being the same as children,  but animals actually can be considered our soul peers, with the same wide range of maturity as adult humans. If we lock our pets into a stereotypical behavior model (a dog is just a dog, a cat is just a cat) it can be a great disservice, setting them up for failure in behavioral issues. Everyone recognizes unique personality traits within their pets, especially the way they play and respond to our love.

As animal communicators, when Thom and Jonquil Williams of Animal Healings connect with pets, they really see and hear the differences every pet has in intelligence, emotions, wisdom, and their unique perspectives of our human world.

Amazingly, behavior issues aren’t a matter of being a “bad pet.” Animal Healings has successfully handled cases, often uncovering that the pets just didn’t understand their behavior was unacceptable to their human. Sometimes it was simply a miscommunication or misperception between the pet and pet parent. The Williams begin by learning the pet’s motivation behind the behavior. Then, using a counseling-style approach, they negotiate better choices for your pet. Understanding your pet bridges the gap between non-personal behavior modification and their unique needs, which strengthens your bond with your pet, and reduces frustration. One pet was willing to change his aggressive, protective behavior when he learned that he was scaring his human.

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